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FACT was established in 2006 in response to the need for an integrated approach to forensic assessment and support for sexually abused children in South Africa.

Our vision is establishing world class forensic child assessment services in South Africa.

The mission of FACT is to equip and assist professionals working in the field of child assessment and therapy (with specific focus on sexual abuse) with the necessary knowledge and skills and provide integrated, effective support to families of abused children.

The products and services of FACT serve a dual target group: the children in need of the support and assessment and professionals working in the field.




FACT offers a variety of cpd credited bearing short courses currently accredited SACSSP.

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as well as group

Private and group supervision is also offered to
Social Workers and Psychologist working in the field of...

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CSA Prevention & Awareness

To effectively prevent
child sexual abuse by
empowering significant
adults in children’s lives.

Raise awareness of the prevalence and
consequences of child sexual abuse...

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